10 reasons why life sucks and ways to prevent suction

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why life sucks
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Nobody has never said, ‘life sucks man.’ Life is not easy and it does suck once in a while. For some of us, it sucks more than it sucks for others. Quite a lot of suction there, isn’t?

Why can’t we be happy, wasn’t happiness supposed to be the purpose of life? Why does life suck, and why do we feel miserable?

The purpose of this post is to explore all the possible reasons why life is a continuous process of suction. You want your girlfriend to take that place, but that doesn’t happen either. Okay, fine, no more jokes.

Most of the people who have written about the sucking life phenomenon, have done from the perspective of how to deal with things when life gets hard, which I don’t think is the right way to approach the subject. I have written about how to deal with life when it gets hard, and you can read it here.

The right way to approach the subject of life sucking life out of us is to understand why does life suck, and how can we get it off us because the suction is not pleasurable.

The reasons why life could suck and does suck are within our life itself. These days, mental therapy is quite popular. A lot of people are visiting therapists or psychologists as if they would solve the problems of life and stop the suction. However, the suction is happening in your life, and only you can stop it.

Let us make an attempt to understand why life sucks and what could be done about the phenomenon of suction. I am deliberately trying to employ my humour writing skills here, and so I do want to make you laugh, while you read this.

1. Life sucks because your parents hate you

Here is the deal. All parents are not benevolent. You could be born with a fuck-all destiny, where you realize that your parents hate you for one reason or the other. They want to impose their will on your life, and if you don’t let them, they make your life hell.

There has to be a way out of this suction situation. If your parents hate you, you are kind of doomed. But hey, just because Shawshank Redemption said hope is the best thing, there must be hope.

You have to figure out a way to get out of the clutches of your parents. They would always be in a benevolent situation because they first used a combination of sperm and eggs and gestation period etc. to bring you to life, and then they educated you for reasons you can’t understand. However, if they are hell bent on imposing their will on you, there is nothing you can do but escape.

Escape the fuck out of the situation, and find a way to financially sustain yourself. If you can’t find a way to financially sustain yourself, since your parents hate your guts, they would continue to force you to accept their will.

Have you heard about the Britney Spears conservatorship case lately?

On the other side, if you are painful to your parents deliberately, and make their lives hell, you suck, and your life deserves to suck. I know people who force their parents out of their homes on the streets, and make them suffer financially and emotionally in their old age. These people deserve to rot for the whole of their lives.

Most parents are kind and loving, and so are most kids. If you belong to a loving home where your parents love you to pieces, care for your happiness, and you love them back, you are enormously blessed.

2. You hate yourself

This is worse than anyone hating you. The entire world can hate you for all they would, but if you hate yourself, your life is bound to suck. At the end of the day, we are our best friends, always available to ourselves.

When there is no one in the room after the party is over, you are left to yourselves.

So, it is important to become the kind of person who loves himself or herself. Only when you are able to love yourself, and believe in yourself, your life would take on a happier route, and stop sucking like it does.

3. Your job sucks life out of you

Just think about it. No matter who you are and what you do for a living, your spend most of your waking life at work. You have your breakfast and dinner with your family, but your lunches and days are spent at work. Life is spent during the weekdays. The evenings and weekends are break from the routine life and work.

If you job sucks life out of you, then you are being constantly sucked by your work, the company that you work for, and your boss.

If you want this professional suction to stop, you need to find work you like and enjoy, so that you can feel a little lighter all over your body and mind, because when life sucks, everything gets sucked.

4. You are married to someone you don’t love and you mutually suck life out of each other

Here is the thing, like it or not. Your partner or spouse, is one of the most important person in your life. This person has tons of power over you. You live with your parents for the first 20 something years of your life, and considering a human lifespan to be 80 years, you live with this person for several decades of your life.

Now, this person can make or break your life. Relationships where partners are compatible with each other and love each other, flourish. Love is a powerful force, and two people in love, who support each other emotionally achieve anything. However, when values and priorities do not align, life sucks, for both partners, and an underlying suction is applied beneath the home.

5. Life sucks because you haven’t taken care of your health

Now, there are 8 types of health. I have written in detail about it, and you can read it on the preceding hyperlink. Basically, if your health is suffering on any of those fronts, your life would suck every day and you won’t be able to savour life. Briefly, the different types of health are the below:

Physical: The health of your body. How much would you sell a leg for?

Mental: The health of your mind-do you have a health mind?

Emotional: How well you control your emotions to stay in a positive frame of mind. Negative emotions like guilt and regret can kill you. Do you experience positive emotions?

Spiritual: Do you feel healthy in your spirit or you feel like a walking dead person?

Sexual: No need to explain, do we?

Financial: Do you have the money to make your dreams come true?

Intellectual: Are you reading, learning and growing?

Environmental: The health of your environment indoors and outdoors impacts your overall state of health. Do you operate in a healthy environment?

If any of these areas in unhealthy for a consistent period, it can lead to devastating consequences on the quality of your life.

If you want your life not to suck, but to lick, take care of your health.

6. You listen to others all the time about the kind of life you should live

Here is the thing. Nobody really understands you- not even your parents or your spouse, forget the larger society. If you want to be happy and stop life’s suction, you need to listen to yourself about the kind of life you want to live.

The crowd doesn’t have individual opinions.

The crowd has a crowded opinion which doesn’t really belong to anyone, because people who join crowds can hardly think for themselves. So, if you want your life to stop sucking, start listening to your inner voice about the kind of life you want to live. Just stop caring about what people think of you. They don’t understand, or care about your happiness.

7. Life sucks because you thought money is the purpose

You thought money would solve the problems of your life when you can buy whatever money can buy.

The problem with the curse of materialism is that you don’t realize it until you experience it. It is only when you have money to spend and you still feel emptiness inside you, you realise that money isn’t the purpose of life, but fuel.

Money is as important as fuel is important in a car. That is, quite important. So, you must figure out how to make fuel but also not think that fuel is the purpose.

8. You just don’t know what makes you happy

You may have a self-awareness problem. You just don’t know yourself well enough to decide what’s right for you, and what’s not. In order to be happy in life, you need to reach a certain level of self-awareness where you can take conscious decisions about life and happiness.

The problem with the kind of society we live in is that most people do what most people do, and hence we are not living among a self-aware society, but rather a mob, which doesn’t apply its mind. If the society weren’t miserable, why would like suck so bad?

You need to separate yourself from a miserable society if you were to live a happier life where suction isn’t encouraged.

9. You have compromised with pain and believe happiness isn’t possible

Think about it. How many people around the world compromise with awful jobs and painful marriages- millions around the world?

I am sure it has to be millions. Why is this so? It is so because people believe happiness isn’t possible and so they compromise with whatever situation they are in. They don’t leave a bad marriage, which is sucking life out of both partners. They don’t leave the job they hate going to, and try to find a better job.

People compromise with pain, because they are scared of the unknown. They would rather bear the familiar pain than go out and seek the uncertain happiness.

Yes, it is uncertain, if you would find joy once you get out of your painful situation, but if you don’t leave, the possibility of finding joy is 0.

10. Life sucks because the fundamentals are misplaced

At a basic or fundamental level, life can be broken down into some fundamentals as we have seen here- family, work life, health etc. These are the fundamentals of life and happiness. If your fundamentals are screwed up, you would struggle to find happiness and life would suck. An invisible suction pipe would be applied by life under your ass that would suck the life out of you.

So, if you want your life not to suck, start fixing the fundamentals- find work you enjoy, find a partner you love and respect, love your parents and if they are toxic, stay away. It is your responsibility to fix your sucking life and nobody would come and do it for you.

It is hard when life sucks, and for some of us, it sucks more than it does for others. But, only we can fix it.

So, go ahead and fix it- for the sake of your life, for the sake of your happiness.

In Conclusion- Why life sucks

Life could suck because of several reasons and those reasons form the foundation of life- personal life and work especially. I mostly say that friends are easier to manage and if your personal and work lives are fine, friends won’t be a problem area. Also, health is critical to happiness. So, in order to fix your sucking life- fix who and what sucks life out of you-does that make sense?

Thank you for reading. Please clap if you enjoyed reading his. That makes my life suck a little less.



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