No space is empty. All spaces have meaning.

What does space mean?
Running away from emptiness

The social spaces

Have you ever sat on a beach looking at the waves going up and down? Is that empty space?

The answer is, it depends. When you are looking at the waves, you are not looking at the waves. You are thinking about life. You think about the waves being a metaphor for the ups and downs of life. I have, every time I have been on a beach.

Have you been to a hill station and looked at the mountains, standing somewhere in the middle of them? Is that empty space?


Trying to write something meaningful, just like here

Whenever you go to a social gathering where people don’t know you, what do they ask you?

After your name they ask, “What do you do?”

To me, work is identity, and I didn’t always look at work like that. For most of my life, work was just a means to have a job, and make some money to pay off the expenses of life. I wanted to make more money because everybody says that making more money is a good thing. However, that changed a few years back.

What work meant to me for the first few years of work life

I can’t quite define it because it was vague. I worked…

I have had a hard life. Not that I chose it.

I don’t believe people who have hard lives, choose it. It’s just thrust upon them. You know, people say that ‘you are strong’ to people who appear mentally strong. What they don’t know about those people who are mentally strong is that they didn’t choose that.

Think about a 10 year old kid who loses his parents in a bomb attack? He would have to become an adult pretty soon. Does he choose it?

In this essay, I am going to tell you about a personal story from my…

Medium Writers Challenge Story
Photo Credit: Me

Have you ever considered why the world is an unhappy place? Why do people run after material possessions all their lives, only to find themselves empty? Yes, money is important, but is money the destination of life? What is the difference between success and happiness?

When I was a kid, I didn’t think of all these questions. No one around me thought of all these questions, and hence it didn’t dawn on me either to ask them. I was lost as a kid. I was so quiet that if I ever spoke, my classmates would express surprise that I was…

What is spirituality?
Credit: Pexels

This story was first posted on the happiness blog.

What is spirituality and what is its relation with religion or science? Does it even have any relation with any of those subjects? Those are the questions we are going to address in this post.

So, if that interests you, please continue to read. The purpose of this blog is to help you find your happiness and live life at a deeper level than you currently do. That’s what I am trying to do. …

How to deal with rejection
Credit: Pexels

Learning how to deal with rejection is a basic life skill because almost all of us are rejected at some point in our lives. We are rejected by people we want to date, jobs we want to do, clients we want to work with, besides other everyday rejections.

How do you deal with rejection and why does rejection pain so much? We are going to figure out how to do all of this in this piece. Stay till the end of the piece so that you don’t miss out on anything. Every post on this happiness blog is meant to…

How to give people hope?
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If you learn how to give people hope, you can give them life. We live in hard times. This is the 21st century. We have the benefit of the technology, but then life is not getting any easier. The Coronavirus ravaged the world in 2020–21 and the world would take years to recover from it.

It is important in these times to learn how we can become a source of hope for others. How can we give someone hope? If we can give people hope, we give them life because hope is all we need to survive, and carry.


Finding hope. Source (Pexels)

This story was originally posted on the happiness blog.

How to find hope in hard times? I don’t know. We will try to answer this really hard question in this post. In fact, when things are good, and life is happening, it’s not that hard to find hope, since positive things have been happening in your life, and they are good precedents to have.

However, it is when things are really hard, and they have been hard for long, it gets tough to find sources of being and remaining hopeful. …

why life sucks
Credit: Pexels

Nobody has never said, ‘life sucks man.’ Life is not easy and it does suck once in a while. For some of us, it sucks more than it sucks for others. Quite a lot of suction there, isn’t?

Why can’t we be happy, wasn’t happiness supposed to be the purpose of life? Why does life suck, and why do we feel miserable?

The purpose of this post is to explore all the possible reasons why life is a continuous process of suction. You want your girlfriend to take that place, but that doesn’t happen either. Okay, fine, no more jokes.

Credit: Pexels

This story was originally posted on the happiness blog by Amarvani.

Is work important to our lives? If yes, how did work get such a bad name? How did we arrive a point in our lives as humans where most people despise their work? The Gallup poll that says that 85% people hate their jobs has been cited quite often on this blog.

Is work important to our lives? I am going to argue here that work is the most important thing about our lives. …

Amarocks Singh Zing

Author, Stand Up Comedian. Trying to make people happier, one post, one show a time.

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