How to give people hope?

How to give people hope?
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If you learn how to give people hope, you can give them life. We live in hard times. This is the 21st century. We have the benefit of the technology, but then life is not getting any easier. The Coronavirus ravaged the world in 2020–21 and the world would take years to recover from it.

It is important in these times to learn how we can become a source of hope for others. How can we give someone hope? If we can give people hope, we give them life because hope is all we need to survive, and carry.

Different people go through different kinds of struggle where they may feel that they are in a desperate situation. So, you could help them. You could help people find hope, and become a beacon of life for them.

Let us see how we can try to give hope to others. Here are 14 ways to give hope to others:

1. Believe in their dreams to give people hope

There is a scarcity of people in the world who believe in other people’s dreams. If you want to give someone hope, believe in their dreams.

Some of the finest things are achieved in life by people just because someone cared for their dreams and told them that they could do it. Be that someone.

It is quite hard to follow dreams and make them come true. The world is full of people who don’t have the guts to follow their dreams. However, the ones who try and criticized, mocked and humiliated throughout their journeys.

All they need is someone who would come to them and say, ‘I believe in you, your courage and your dreams.’ Be that someone who tells others that you believe in them. That would give them hope, and courage to give it all they have, because there is someone beyond them, who believes in them.

If you believe in them, they may be encouraged to believe in themselves too.

2. Listen intently

When was the last time you felt that you have been listened to, quite well? It rarely happens. People are so full of themselves that they are not willing to listen to the stories of others. If you want to give hope to others, listen to them. Even if you can’t help what they are facing, just listen to them.

The fact that you give them your time and attention would make them feel important and hopeful about life. To be listened to, is quite a luxury.

3. Help them find the path to their dreams

One of the reason people lose faith because they can’t see how they might be able to achieve what they aspire to. If you want to give them hope, help them find the path to their dreams.

In order to do that, you have got to be someone who has followed their own dreams and knows what it takes to achieve them. If you can do this, you can literally make the world a better place.

4. Express your love and affection to give hope to others

One of the greatest diseases in the world is loneliness. People lose hope when they feel they are lonely. If you want to become the source of hope for someone, show that you love, and that you care.

People behave differently when they think that they are loved and taken care of, contrary to when they think they are alone. Loneliness causes people to become cold, and even violent. They feel why should they care about anyone, when nobody cares about them?

When people feel loved, they also feel hopeful. Do not hold back your ability to love to instill hope in others.

5. Offer emotional and/or financial support

If you think that the person you are trying to help needs financial support, and you can help, please help with financial support. However, it may not always be possible. There is a huge dearth of emotional support in the world. Why is there so much loneliness in the world where there are over 7 billion people? It is because people don’t really understand each other. People do not want to emotionally support each other.

If you wish to give people hope, offer emotional support, if financial is not possible. All of us can use some emotional support. When we feel good about ourselves, we can almost achieve anything we want.

6. Always be kind to give people hope

To be kind is to be considerate of how others feel and behave in a manner that makes them feel better about themselves. For example, when you see a beggar, you can be kind by giving them some food or money. Similarly, if you want to give people hope, be kind towards them. Just by the virtue of being kind, you would be able to find ways to help them feel better.

Kindness is one of the most important virtues in the world, and does make the world a better place wherever it is applied.

7. Help them find their strengths

One of the reasons we live in a rather painful society is because people do not work on their strengths. Most people do not care to even find their strengths and hence they end up working on their weaknesses. If you work on your strengths, you become strong, and if you work on your weaknesses, you become weak.

It is as simple as that. In order to people to find hope, they need to work on things they are naturally good at. If they can’t find it themselves and you know them personally, help them realize what their strengths are.

8. Help them rise up by offering your hand

The Japanese proverb translated into English says, “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” When people lose hope, they struggle to rise up because they feel that they won’t be able to fight life since they have faced a lot of failure.

You can give them hope by helping them rise up and telling them that it isn’t over till they win.

9. Appreciate what is good in them

One of the reasons people give up on life is because they feel that they are worthless. They feel that nobody appreciates them and so they find it hard to feel hope. Yes, the world is quite a painful place and most people constantly try to bring others down.

You don’t want to do that, or you won’t be reading this. If you want to create hope for others, appreciate them genuinely. Do no flatter them. Flattery is false praise. We are not talking about flattery. We are talking about genuine, heartfelt praise. When you appreciate someone for their worth, they feel excited and worthy.

Each act of genuine heartfelt praise creates hope and makes the world a better place. So, appreciate people genuinely whenever you can.

10. Say encouraging words to them

A lot of people wonder what to say to give someone hope or how to give hope to the seemingly hopeless. There are a lot of encouraging words you can say to somebody struggling to find hope. You can say things like the below:

“You can do this. You have faced hard times before. You will find a solution.”

“Get up and fight this. Staying down won’t solve the problem.”

“I am there for you, if you need to talk.”

Of course, what you can say depends on the intensity and the depth of your relationship. The person who is not finding hope right now is in a painful state of mind, and what you can say also depends on how they are feeling in the moment. You want to be stern so that they find the strength, but you don’t want to be harsh.

11. How to give hope to a medically sick person

Well, this is quite difficult and I have faced situations like these. You don’t want to give false hopes to someone who is medically sick, unless you are qualified to advise. If you know that the sick person would be fine with treatment, no matter how sick they feel right now, give them encouragement, and tell them that they would fight back to fitness.

However, when you know that someone is terminally sick, just be with them and don’t say much. If they are terminally ill, they most likely know that they are going to die and nothing can help.

In such a case, please spend time with them, and just give them the comfort of your presence. I know this because my aunt had been told by doctors that she was going to die after having fought cancer for 3 years. She knew that she was going to die. We knew that she was going to die, and nobody could do anything. There was no hope.

When there is no hope, like in case of terminally ill patients, the only hope there is that of a peaceful exit from life. As pained I am to write this, I know it is true and the memory of my aunt flashes in my eyes.

12. How to give hope to someone who has lost a loved one

This is quite hard. You don’t know what to say to someone who just lost a loved one, and is overwhelmed with grief. Nobody really teaches us how to deal with grief. Life is painful, and death is certain.

So, to give hope to someone who has lost a loved one, spend time with them, hug them and tell them that they are not alone. You may not even have to say it, because your physical presence would say it for you. Be there with them, and help them cope with the loss, with as much time and affection you can use.

13. be hopeful yourself

I say this all the time that we spread what we carry. If we carry pain and negativity, we would infect others with pain and negativity. If we carry hope and joy, we would infect others with hope and joy. If you want to instil hope in others, be a person full of hope yourself. Work hard on your life, and be a source of joy and happiness for others.

This is how you find hope.

14. If you care, you would see to it that they have hope

It boils down to this. If you love someone and you care for them, be it a family member, or be it a stranger, if you care enough, you would do everything it takes so that they don’t give up on hope.

To find hope within ourselves is hard in difficult times. Therefore, it is one of the noblest things in the world to try and give hope to others who are struggling for hope.

This brings us to the end of this list. However, I hope that you would find newer ways to bring hope and happiness to people around you. If you didn’t care enough, you wouldn’t have read this far.

In Conclusion- How to give hope to others

In order to give hope to others, become the kind of person who is full of hope for the future and then do not let others give up on hope. This list of ways to give others hope is meant as an inspiration for anyone seeking to bring hope to people around them. I hope you will succeed.

Thank you for reading. Do clap if you think this was worth your time. I hope it was.



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