My return to life post clinical depression

This was me as a child

How I got depressed

When I was 27, I got depressed, in Singapore, in a year which should have been one of the best times of my life.

The return back home

I left the MBA program I had spent so many years trying to get into, and got back home. That period of my life taught me everything I need to know about depression, as a disease. In many ways, I am happy, it happened early in my life. It gets harder on people dependent on you if depression strikes late in life.

That’s the thing about what I now call the depression industry- they thrive on pain created by a horrible society hell bent on creating robots out of people. The more people get depressed, the more the depression industry thrives.

Anyhow, my life was out of control. My parents were doing what they could to fix me, and I was wondering what the hell went wrong.

Medicines can’t solve your life problems

The anti-depressants medicines are a placebo. The only impact that they really make is to sedate your mind so that you stop thinking about your problems. The medicines make you sleep so that you get a break from the negative avalanche facing your mind.

That’s what depression is — an avalanche of negativity that you are just not able to control anymore. That’s when it is called clinical depression and needs medication. The idea is to nip the negativity in the bud before it becomes an avalanche.

The Re-entry to life

So, I went back to Singapore to restart my MBA program, after a few months of recovery and rest. I took the pack of anti-depressants I had, and threw them into the dustbin, and restarted life.

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Amarocks Singh Zing

Amarocks Singh Zing


Author, Stand Up Comedian. Trying to make people happier, one post, one show a time.