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You came here for reasons to live. I am going to give you exactly those. No bullshit. No fluff. Here are reasons to stay alive. Some of these are deep, and a few are just regular everyday reasons to live, but reasons to live, still.

1. Life is beautiful

Life is just beautiful. We have made it too complex by expecting too much of ourselves and that of people around us. There is no much beauty in life only if we slow down and care to see. From the morning, when the sun rises to night when it is pitch dark, life is a beautiful miracle that we tend to take for granted. We are so blessed to be alive.

2. Pain is perspective

If pain did not exist, we would not know what happiness felt like. If pain did not exist, we wouldn’t find the right path to happiness. If pain didn’t exist, we wouldn’t know what brings pain. Pain is for perspective to set us in the right direction.

3. Sunshine

I could live for the winter sunshine. As I write this, it is winters in my part of the world. Every day, when the sun is out, I go and face it, and let the sunshine wash over my face. I can’t currently travel because of the coronavirus but I would ideally go to a beach and let the sunshine wash all my body while I lie on the sand on the shore.

4. Hope

Hope is one of the most beautiful words in language. Life goes up and down like a roller coaster. Whenever it goes down, there is hope that it will go up again, and we would be happy.

5. Love

Love is one of the most important reasons to be alive. Being in love with someone we care about feels beautiful. Being in love with work we care about feels beautiful. If you aren’t in love, you need to be.

6. Tea

I love drinking tea. You may like coffee. Both drinks are available around the world easily. Tea for me is reflection drink. I think about life when I drink tea. It is not just a drink for me. It is my friend, and I like it my way.

7. Wine

Wine is a bit of an expensive reason to live, but a beautiful one. A great glass of red wine can make you forget all the problems of life. As you drink it slowly, it drinks you back.

8. Happiness feels beautiful

When you are happy, it is a beautiful feeling that washes your soul, and makes you feel like living and making the most of life. If you aren’t happy right now, wait, and work, you will be.

9. You can make others happy

The opportunity to make others happy is huge. That’s my reason to write this blog. It gives me a reason to stay alive. You can also add joy to other people’s lives, just by doing what you are good at, in a productive way. What a reason to live, that is.

10. Books

There is so much to learn about the world that we can finish our entire lives and we would not be done. Books are a pure delight, and if you cultivate the habit of reading, you will never get bored of life.

11. Health

Have you ever felt at the peak of your health-physical, mental, and emotional? It feels great. If you are not in a peak state of health, work towards it, and you would know once you achieve it, that it feels great to be in great state of health.

12. Travel

Travel is beautiful. We don’t control which part of the world we are born in. However, thanks to modern means of transportation like air travel, we can travel to any part of the world. I haven’t yet seen most of the world, and I hope, before I die, I do. Travel is just one of the most beautiful reasons to be alive.

13. An opportunity to make the world a better place

14. Work out

The great thing about trying to stay on top of your health is that it can be done through a way which feels great by itself. You could use any form of work out you like-running, gym, swimming- all of that feels great. You push yourself and you come back feeling great. Like we said earlier, what feels great is a reason to be alive.

15. Family

Family is a great unit which is a source of joy for a lot of people. We are born into a family and once we get married, we create another family. If your family is a loving and a happy unit, it is a worthwhile reason for existence.

16. Sexual activity

Sex with someone you feel drawn towards emotionally feels great. It is one of the primal needs of the body and when you are in love, it is one of the best ways to find physical pleasure in the world. If you haven’t found anyone who loves you yet, you can still masturbate and feel what an orgasm feels like. It is a good reason to be alive. While at it, I hope it’s adults who are reading my blog.

17. Work

Did anyone tell you that work is meant to be pain? I know, that’s how most of the society looks at work, and that is why most of the society is unhappy. Work is meant to bring joy, meaning and purpose to our lives, and not pain. When you do work that is in line with who you are as a person, your identity and your work will become one thing and then work will only give you joy. Work is one of the most important reasons to live, only if we approach it rightfully.

18. You are beautiful and unprecedented

I can’t tell you why you should live enough. You should live because there is just nobody like you. The society sucks. F*** society. There is absolutely nobody quite like you. There may be people similar to you, but there is absolutely no one in the world who looks like you, behaves like you, feels the world like you. You are a unique person who brings his or her own uniqueness to the world. You deserve to flourish and share who you are, with the world, in your own different way.

Wouldn’t you want to do that? Then, you need to live.

19. You are not lonely

I know. Sometimes, it does feel that we are lonely and nobody really cares for us. But, that’s not true. While we live, we do accumulate some positive relationships. Even the seemingly meaningless world of social media isn’t that cruel. There are people willing to help if you ask for help. Try asking for help, and ask everyone you can think of, who may be willing to help. There are good people in the world, and someone would be willing to lend you a hand.

You are not alone.

20. Hugs

There are just so many people to hug. Hugs can cure relationships. Hugs can cure mental illness. Hugs can cure diseases. Hugs can make the world a better place only if they last long enough and we could press harder.

21. Beaches, and mountains

Besides the philosophical idea of travel, there is the physical part of it. Beaches are gorgeous and can take away a lifetime’s pain. Mountains are so peaceful that they can fill emotional voids with their warmth. They are reasons to live for.

22. Laughter

Have you heard the sound of your laughter lately? That’s the sound of life in you. When you laugh, your life laughs and you are happy in that moment. Laughter is a beautiful reason to be alive-and not just yours.

23. The future could be beautiful

May be you are going through a rough phase right now, and you came here to look for reasons to be alive while you are in a painful period. If that’s the case, I want to tell you to hold on, and keep doing whatever you can to come out of your situation. Just hang in there, even if you can’t move much. Crawl, if you can’t walk. Walk, if you can’t run. You need to keep looking for a better future, and if you do, sooner or later, it will emerge.

24. Giving up on life is not an option

Giving up on life is not an option. You need to count that out. There are people who have gone through incredible amount of pain for a large duration of their lives, and they have emerged successful, just because they did not give up on life. The only failure there is, is giving up, and why would you give up, when there are so many reasons to live?

25. Parents

No matter how your family is, your parents worked hard to raise you up, and they would want to see you lead a happy life. Even if you take a little longer to succeed at the goal, you must keep trying till you do.

26. Life is a gift

Think about it. You did not earn life. Your parents had reproductive sex, and you were born as a consequence. You did not quite decide to be born. Life was given to you by nature as a gift. Why would you squander a gift that you should be cherishing instead?

27. Money

Although money is not the purpose of life, but we can still buy a lot of things with money that make life more enjoyable and pleasurable. When you make a lot of money, which you could, even in a few years of hard work, you would be able to afford a better quality of life. If you don’t give yourself a chance at life, how would you enjoy the things money could buy for you?

28. Purpose

Maybe you feel disconnected with life because there is no purpose in your life. It is our responsibility to find our life’s purpose and then lead our lives in line with that purpose. When we have purpose in our days, life appears meaningful and worth living. This is one of the best things you can do to your life. When you have purpose, you won’t be struggling to find reasons to live.

29. Sleep

One of the best ways to sleep well is to make yourself so physically and mentally tired that you end up sleeping like a baby, unconscious of the world around you. A good night’s sleep is one of the greatest pleasures, and necessities of life. A lot of people struggle with sleep, and that’s because they can’t put meaningful activity in the rest of the days. When the mind and the body is exhausted, sleep becomes easy and beautiful.

30. Rain

Have you felt the raindrops drop on your skin? If you haven’t, you must. You would feel like living again. Rain is one of the most beautiful inventions of nature. It looks beautiful. It feels beautiful. Nature itself has so many beautiful creations within itself that it makes us want to live.

31. Music

We missed music for so long in this list. Music is lovely. If you enjoy listening to music, you should do so. If you enjoy singing, you should immerse. There are so many genres of music that you could just keep exploring and never end. You could also dance. When was the last time you danced?

32. Food

Don’t you love food? If you love food, there is just so much to eat and so much to explore. There is joy in food, there is culture, and there is variety in food. If you love food, there is no way you can allow yourself to get bored, because food isn’t just meant to fill our stomach, but entertain us.

33. Culture

There are so many different cultures in the world. People speak differently, eat differently, and look differently. There is just so much to learn from different cultures, and celebrate life with them. The more we immerse in diversity, the more enriching life becomes.

34. Life is not pain

May be, you need to change that. Will you start by changing your own life?

35. You matter and your life matters

You matter and your life matters. Your story is new to the world and you can make it worth writing about. May be things did not go right until now. You can fix them, and live your life as if it matters. If you do that, there is a high likelihood that your life would matter.

Thank you for reading.

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