STOP retiring from work. When it’s time, retire from life

How old are you?

No, don’t be shocked by the question, especially if you are a lady because they say it is quite rude to ask a woman’s age. You don’t have to answer in the comment section. You may be in your 20’s, in your 30’s, or 40’s or 50’s or wherever you are.

Now, if you work for someone as an employee, how many years of work like do you think you have?

Most people start working at about 25 years of age in India and retire at 60. That’s 35 years of work life. Also, they may make more money in the initial years than an entrepreneur does because jobs need no personal investment. You take up a desk or a cabin, you perform a role and you get paid salary for it.

A lot of people do not take the plunge to work for themselves because by the time they realize they want to work for themselves, they think it’s too late to do it. I get a fair bit of criticism because I started working for myself at 34. It has been difficult to start in my mid 30’s because by the time you cross your 20’s, taking risks gets a little difficult.

However, let’s say you are in your 40’s or even 50. Do you think it is too late to start all over to work for yourself as an entrepreneur or freelancer?

If you do what you love and enjoy it, you could work till the LAST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. Now, even if you are 50 and decide to be an entrepreneur, and you live till 90, you will have 40 years of work life in addition to your work life as an employee.

It is not too late to start. If you start something that you love, you will add years to your life. Do it! The past is bunk, even if you think it was a waste. You were a different person yesterday.

Stop retiring from work. You know why? It is because retirement is death, metaphorically speaking.

Don’t retire from work. Retire from life.

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