The best social media jokes on the internet

Credit: Amar

I don’t know if you have seen this guy but I laughed my ass off. This is an Indian stand-up comedian and I can’t believe that the world hasn’t discovered him yet.

He released a stand-up comedy video on YouTube a few days back and I lost it while watching the video. I mean I beat my neighbor so bad that he is black and blue, and posted the video on Whats App.

He jokes around Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp. A few of his jokes have Indian context and a few are globally consumable. The joke around Kim Kardashian and her talent is so ridiculous that you can’t absolutely not laugh at it. It just goes on to show how vacuous social media is- that it went mad about her ass (talent, as per Amar).

You should absolutely check out the video. Here is the link

This guy is so funny that he wrote this article himself, in third person. He had to do it because no other media site is doing it. It’s pointless you release a video, and nobody writes an article about it. Do go, watch, laugh and subscribe to the channel.

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