The several meanings of space

What does space mean?
Running away from emptiness

The social spaces

Have you ever sat on a beach looking at the waves going up and down? Is that empty space?

Is your home empty?

May be it is not, if you are fortunate to have people who love you, live inside it. A home where nobody loves each other may feel quite empty, even if it is full of people.

The space for solitude

I have spent quite a lonely life, even though I have always had people around me. I have struggled to understand people, and they have struggled to understand me. I don’t understand pretense and people can’t face the truth.

Of physical and emotional spaces

Have you ever been unfortunate to be in a long distance relationship in a romantic sense?

Personal spaces

I am sitting here in my room in a corner of the world, in India. This is a rented apartment. I have been living here for the last few years. Is this room empty? No, it is not an empty. This is my room. There is a study table here, where I sit when I am tired of working in the bed. Can you visualize my room?

So, to conclude, spaces have meaning depending on who occupies them

Spaces have meaning depending on who occupies them. When I occupy this room, it makes it a writer’s room. When my mother occupies this room, it makes it the homemaker’s room. When my wife occupies this room, makes it the working woman’s room. If my father occupies this room, it makes it the authoritarian’s room.

Spaces by themselves, mean nothing. They are defined by who occupies them.

What does your space feel like?



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Amarocks Singh Zing

Amarocks Singh Zing


Author, Stand Up Comedian. Trying to make people happier, one post, one show a time.