This Indian comedian is bang right about Parking guys, Beggars and Delhi Metro

Comedy in India is flourishing and new comedians are trying to make a mark in the industry.

Amar has been doing comedy for over 2 years now. He quit his job in the January of 2015 to pursue writing and comedy. Stand-up comedy is not an easy form of performance art.

It takes sweat, toil and hard work. Writing a joke, trying it over and over till the last word is perfected takes a lot of work. Frankly, a joke is never really perfected. But once it starts getting a laughter over and over, it is in good shape.

In this current bit, Amar speaks about the irritation he feels with people who are roaming around doing nothing, whether these are parking attendants, beggars or people in the Delhi metro.

India is an interesting country and its share of quirks and humor. Indians are slowly losing their seriousness to find a healthy dose of humor in their lives brought to them by comedians who have made making people happy a serious business.

The video has many punches in Hindi and you will be able to completely enjoy the video if you understand Hindi but nevertheless, you may get a sense of Amar’s comedy.

His sense of comedy is largely observational with a heavy dose of sarcasm. He is quite a sarcastic person as per his own observation of himself. He likes to question things and observe everything that happens around him to see if a joke is possible.

A joke is an interesting thing. A joke is a funny slice of life, perhaps. There is no clear cut definition of a joke. A joke could be something that makes you laugh because it is a comical take on life and it works if the audience can relate to it.

Amar feels that people idle away a lot of their time in India. They do. For example, people are just standing randomly and if you ask them a question, they will reply, even if they don’t have a clue about the fucking answer. People are randomly standing pretending to be parking guys, corporate bigwigs and human beings. They know their lives suck but they won’t show it.

Beggars for example, have nothing to do. They are free birds. They sit around idling away their time asking people for money when they need food. What a beautiful life. Less expectations, less problems.

People who travel in the metro have nothing to do. Very few people read and because they don’t read they have to find some ways of idling their time away. So, they fondle their crotch among other thing.

You can watch the video here.

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Author, Stand Up Comedian. Trying to make people happier, one post, one show a time.

Author, Stand Up Comedian. Trying to make people happier, one post, one show a time.